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Sick Season

Oh, it’s that time of year again. Sick season! 

It starts to get cold outside. Everyone in the office or at school is suddenly coughing. Some losing their voices. The person sitting next to you has a stock pile of dirty tissues. You think to yourself, “Yup, it’s that time of year. I’m gonna get sick.”

Well frankly rather than call this sick season, I would prefer to call it, “It’s getting cold, unhealthy, forget-to-take-care-of-yourself season.”

I know, we all think that it’s just inevitable. All we can do is wash our hands as much as possible and stay away from the sick people.

Or is it?

Hardly. Colds and flus can be prevented by simply amping up your immune system.  When it gets cold, your body’s immune system is automatically working harder simply to keep your body temperature up. Then to add to that, we have holiday season. This is why I call it the unhealthy, forget-to-take-care-of-yourself season.  You’re eating rich meaty, cheesy foods, followed up by holiday cookies and other desserts. You’re just over-eating in general. Everyone has candy on their desk. You’re drinking more coffee and hot chocolate but less water. Your partying with friends, family, and coworkers. Staying up late, waking up early. The holiday season is everything that will suppress your immune system.

Before you reach for the Meds

Remember your body is a freakin’ genius! You are the dumb one wrecking it. (Sorry but it’s true.) Think about it. If you’re sneezing and have a runny nose, you’re body is obviously trying to get rid of something in your body. Same thing goes for coughing, or any other types of  “get rid of process.”  When you take medicine to stop the runny nose or suppress the cough, you are actually prolonging your sickness, because now the part of your body trying to get rid of this crap is paralyzed by the medicine and has to find some other way to “fix” you.

Now I understand, taking medicine to stop your runny nose is certainly convenient, but it isn’t fixing the problem.  So rather, we should be asking ourselves, “How can I help my body fight this crap off?” One of the first things that comes to most peoples mind is Vitamin C.  I agree one hundred percent! BUT, don’t go running for the orange juice. I said DO NOT. Orange juice has wayyy too much sugar in it. Sugar will hurt your immune system more than the little bit of Vitamin C will help. What you need is REAL FOOD packed with Vitamin C… and A… and E… and anti oxidants… and well I could go on and on with other phytochemicals, but I think you get the picture. Basically eat tons of fruits and vegetables people! (IE eat the orange not the fake sugar juice in the store.)

So I actually fell into the Holiday Season, terrible habits, forget to be healthy and take care of yourself trap, and I started getting sick.  While I hate admitting this, lucky for you I can share with you what I did to beat that crap in 24 hours.

1. Plain hot water. No honey, no lemon, no tea, jut plain hot water. This sounds so weird, I know. I learned this from John Douillard. It’s an ayurvedic practice.  I could try to explain it, but its difficult. Just trust me and John Douillard here. Sip plain hot water as often as possible throughout the day.

2. Fresh Juice.  I found everything in my kitchen that was orange, yellow or just really good for me and loaded it into my juicer.  I used, 3 handfuls of kale pieces, 2 oranges, 3 carrots, 1 apple, 1/3 of a sweet potato. Then squeeze a lemon wedge into the juice.  I drank 2 large glasses of this. One for breakfast. One for dinner. And oh yea, it’s delish!

3. Sweet Potato Pablano Soup.  This is Dr.Andrew Weil’s recipe and oh my was it good. I scarfed like 4 bowls down for dinner. It was like my body couldn’t get enough! Get the recipe here.

Be Healthy, be sick-free, be happy, and be hot this holiday season!

Merry Christmas from me and these guys!

Don’t forget to share with me!

What do you do when you get sick?

Do you have any home remedies you swear by?


Seriously Refreshing

Sometimes we have a little too much fun.  Well… sometimes I have a little too much fun.  There’s nothing that says you can’t be healthy, happy, hot and fun!

Anyways after some not-so-good food choices and a few extra drinks with my friends, I just don’t want anything to eat or drink. It all sounds heavy and just not happening. That’s when I run to my juicer!  Because let’s be honest even smoothies sometimes are just too heavy after a late night.

This is a fabulously refreshing, light drink packed with good -for-you stuff that will kick start your body back to healthy, happy, and hot!

You do need a juicer for this! And if you don’t have one, it is so worth the investment! I’m in love with mine.

What You Need

Whole cucumber with the ends cut off.  A green apple cut into chunks.  A peeled lime. Ice and water.

Run the cucumber, apple and lime through the juicer. Then add plenty of ice and about 4 oz of water to the juice. Stir it up…

And done!

Get ready to feel alive again!

Wait! There’s more!

Why does this baby work so well you ask?

Cucumbers are super hydrating.  They’re 96% water, plus packed with vitamins A, B, and C, not to mention the other minerals hiding in there.  Because of all the fiber and water in these babies, they work magic when it comes to driving out toxins in your body. Ya know, the crappy food and bar drinks!  A little added bonus to cucumber juice, beautiful skin! So don’t just sip this when you’ve wreaked havoc on your body, treat yourself to some beautiful skin too!

Back up that cucumber with a lime and goodbye crappy day.  Limes are very acidic, like you didn’t already know that, but the high acidity cleans out toxins in your digestive tracts. Kind of like scrubbing the floors in your kitchen.  But it’s also packed with potassium (who knew?!) which will clean out the toxins in your kidneys and bladder!

As for that apple, it’s mostly because I think it makes it taste better! But we all know an apple a day keeps the doctor away. That’s good enough for me for this one!

Time to get refreshed!  I think I might just go make another one 🙂


Jumping for Joy: Asparagus

If as soon as you saw the word asparagus you thought you were done reading this, 

just hold your horses. 

aspargusI have not just been loving asparagus lately. I’ve been loving asparagus since I started cooking when I was 17 AND I was an extremely picky eater, and that gives me hope for you and the rest of the world. If you’re absolutely sure you don’t like asparagus, just give it one more try.  This is the greatest, easiest, tastiest recipe for asparagus I have ever had.

But first, let me tell you all the glorious reasons why you should be eating this food.

  • Asparagus is loaded with Vitamic C. Yes, like oranges. Vitamin C not only strengthens your immune system, but it repairs damaged tissues. What does that mean for you? YOUR SKIN! Getting more than enough Vitamin C will give you that youthful glow any girl (or guy) would envy!
  • It’s high in Vitamin A too, which is also great for your skin. It helps maintain the structure of your skin, so bye bye wrinkles and crow’s feet my friends.
  • A single serving of aspargus (I easily eat 2-3 servings because it’s so yummy) has 60% of the recommend amount of folic acid. That’s the highest of any fruit or veggie out there. So, if you’re pregnant do your baby a favor and eat a ton of aspargus!
  • One stalk of aspargus has a measly 4 calories. You’d have to eat more than 500 hundred of these babies before you can even think about the word fat.

Now for that wonderful recipe I was boasting about… 

But first you need to know how to buy it. Luckily for you (and me), asparagus is on the clean 15 list, so you really don’t NEED to buy organic. Smell the tops of the aspargus. If it smells a little rancid, keep looking. It really shouldn’t have much of a smell at all. You’ll also notice some will be really skinny and some will be thick. I personally like the skinny stalks, BUT it’s said the bigger the diameter the better the quality. See what you like best.

Ok now for real, the recipe.

Like I said before, THIS is the tastiest recipe. I was at a restaurant and got some asparagus. EWW, it was so gross I spit it out. I was like no wonder people don’t like asparagus! You MUST try it this way!

I’m confident it can change your mind 🙂

roasted asparagus1 bunch of asparagus

Extra virgin olive oil (about 2 tablespoons)

Course sea salt

Fresh ground pepper


1. Preheat oven to 400°.

2. Take your asparagus and break or cut the ends off. They’re too tough to eat.

3. Lay them on a baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil. (You want just enough to lightly coat the asparagus)

4. Sprinkle your sea salt and fresh ground pepper over the asparagus.

5. With your hands, toss the asparagus around so they are lightly coated with the olive oil, salt, and pepper.

6. Put them in the oven for 12 minutes. Violá!

(NOTE: If asparagus is really thin, adjust time to 10 minutes. If it’s really thick, adjust to 14 minutes)

Try it! It’s finger-lickin’ good. I mean that literally!

Keep a watch out for my next Jumping for Joy with These Foods

And get your Asparagus On!