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My dear friend, Taylor, also a health coach, wrote this article! I agree with her on so many levels! Rather than rehash it. I thought I would give you a chance to read it from Taylor’s perspective!

Cheers and thanks Taylor!


Diets Suck

I get my panties in a twist every time people start talking to me about dieting. I don’t eat this. I shouldn’t eat that. That’s not on my diet. I can’t find a diet that works.



I work with my clients and just talk to people in general and I’ll give them recommendations of foods to ADD. Yet most still want to take out foods. Restrict foods. Create a list of bad foods.

Restricting foods or being on diets creates bad relationships with food. Trust me I know all about bad relationships when it comes to food. You tell yourself no cookies 10 times, but then the 11th time you eat the cookies, but instead of enjoying your cookie, you scarf it down like the faster you eat it the less likely it’s really happening.  Then, instead of one you have ten! Then you give yourself a hard time about how you suck at dieting and you don’t deserve to be skinny.

See the dilemma here. For every diet/restriction, there is an equal and greater BINGE.  (Funny how I write this in the middle of my 30 day challenge.. I’ll explain the difference)

Getting healthy or loosing weight is a gradual process. You have to slowly learn ways to replace your old food with new food that you love just as much. You have to know why you want to get healthy or why you want to lose weight. You have to appreciate where you’re at right NOW in order to get where you wish to be in the future.

There are some simple tricks. Following blogs can help you with ideas, and working with a health coach can give you the support and the advice you really need.

Tricks- replacing your favorite foods with healthy versions. When I first decided to go vegan… and we can argue about whether meat or dairy are good for you or not, but the truth is plants are good for you no matter what that argument is. So when I first went vegan I took some of my favorite foods and asked myself how I can make a vegan friendly version.

Chicken and noodle soup. Take out chicken, add more veggies. Take out chicken stock, add veggie stock. Take out milk, add soy milk.  Use whole wheat noodles.

Spaghetti.  Take out meat, add more mushrooms and zucchini.

Veggie soups, bean burritos, veggie stir fries. Vegan mashed potatoes- still my comfort food to this day. I could go on and on with things I did.

I bought a vegan ranch dressing. vegan mayo. vegan butter. hummus. salsa. Those 5 things made my life easy.  I wasn’t changing my food that much. I was just eating different versions of the stuff I always liked.

I wasn’t eating lettuce, carrot sticks, and tofu.  I was eating honest to goodness soulful foods. They were hearty and yummy. And I didn’t feel restricted one bit.

If you’re a sweets-loving person. Try this. You can eat whatever sweets you want… as long as you make them yourself- from scratch. I know personally  I will never attempt making oreo cookies from scratch, but strawberry pie- yes.

Diets suck. Diets don’t work. Diets ruin your relationship with food. We want to nourish our bodies, not deprive them.

Kick the diet and start eating!  Eat yourself skinny. I dare you! And remember- Eat healthy, be happy, and strut your hot stuff!