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Sick Season

Oh, it’s that time of year again. Sick season! 

It starts to get cold outside. Everyone in the office or at school is suddenly coughing. Some losing their voices. The person sitting next to you has a stock pile of dirty tissues. You think to yourself, “Yup, it’s that time of year. I’m gonna get sick.”

Well frankly rather than call this sick season, I would prefer to call it, “It’s getting cold, unhealthy, forget-to-take-care-of-yourself season.”

I know, we all think that it’s just inevitable. All we can do is wash our hands as much as possible and stay away from the sick people.

Or is it?

Hardly. Colds and flus can be prevented by simply amping up your immune system.  When it gets cold, your body’s immune system is automatically working harder simply to keep your body temperature up. Then to add to that, we have holiday season. This is why I call it the unhealthy, forget-to-take-care-of-yourself season.  You’re eating rich meaty, cheesy foods, followed up by holiday cookies and other desserts. You’re just over-eating in general. Everyone has candy on their desk. You’re drinking more coffee and hot chocolate but less water. Your partying with friends, family, and coworkers. Staying up late, waking up early. The holiday season is everything that will suppress your immune system.

Before you reach for the Meds

Remember your body is a freakin’ genius! You are the dumb one wrecking it. (Sorry but it’s true.) Think about it. If you’re sneezing and have a runny nose, you’re body is obviously trying to get rid of something in your body. Same thing goes for coughing, or any other types of  “get rid of process.”  When you take medicine to stop the runny nose or suppress the cough, you are actually prolonging your sickness, because now the part of your body trying to get rid of this crap is paralyzed by the medicine and has to find some other way to “fix” you.

Now I understand, taking medicine to stop your runny nose is certainly convenient, but it isn’t fixing the problem.  So rather, we should be asking ourselves, “How can I help my body fight this crap off?” One of the first things that comes to most peoples mind is Vitamin C.  I agree one hundred percent! BUT, don’t go running for the orange juice. I said DO NOT. Orange juice has wayyy too much sugar in it. Sugar will hurt your immune system more than the little bit of Vitamin C will help. What you need is REAL FOOD packed with Vitamin C… and A… and E… and anti oxidants… and well I could go on and on with other phytochemicals, but I think you get the picture. Basically eat tons of fruits and vegetables people! (IE eat the orange not the fake sugar juice in the store.)

So I actually fell into the Holiday Season, terrible habits, forget to be healthy and take care of yourself trap, and I started getting sick.  While I hate admitting this, lucky for you I can share with you what I did to beat that crap in 24 hours.

1. Plain hot water. No honey, no lemon, no tea, jut plain hot water. This sounds so weird, I know. I learned this from John Douillard. It’s an ayurvedic practice.  I could try to explain it, but its difficult. Just trust me and John Douillard here. Sip plain hot water as often as possible throughout the day.

2. Fresh Juice.  I found everything in my kitchen that was orange, yellow or just really good for me and loaded it into my juicer.  I used, 3 handfuls of kale pieces, 2 oranges, 3 carrots, 1 apple, 1/3 of a sweet potato. Then squeeze a lemon wedge into the juice.  I drank 2 large glasses of this. One for breakfast. One for dinner. And oh yea, it’s delish!

3. Sweet Potato Pablano Soup.  This is Dr.Andrew Weil’s recipe and oh my was it good. I scarfed like 4 bowls down for dinner. It was like my body couldn’t get enough! Get the recipe here.

Be Healthy, be sick-free, be happy, and be hot this holiday season!

Merry Christmas from me and these guys!

Don’t forget to share with me!

What do you do when you get sick?

Do you have any home remedies you swear by?


No Pain, No Gain… or Not?

No pain, no gain. Feel the burn. Keep pushing. If its not hurting its not working. We’ve all heard these little sayings. In fact if you have a pinterest, I’m sure they are plaguing your wall.

Recently I found myself saying I am done doing stuff I don’t like or enjoy. I’m done. I spent 3 years dedicated to lifting and doing aerobic exercise machines. Just pushing myself to work harder and work more and… I developed some serious issues that I won’t get into in this post. But as I was getting back into regular exercise, I was like no, I am not doing that stuff. I hate it. It’s not fun. Don’t you agree?

Now don’t misunderstand what I am saying here, I like working out. In fact I might love it at times. But what I think is interesting is how things seem to present themselves at just the right time you need them.

I was listening to a lecture from my school, Integrative Nutrition, from Arthur Agatston. He said 3 things that really got my attention. The first thing he was talking about was how the body has evolved and how it was made to do WORK. (Sure, make sense) But now people are spending time doing exercises, like lifting weights, that isolate muscle groups. The people who are fit and doing these types of exercises are having even more strains, tears, and injuries versus people who are fit but do physical labor for work or just spend most of their time standing and moving around. (#2 Interesting) He goes on to talk about how the body is not meant to run long distances (running isn’t good, what?), it’s really meant to do short burst or sprints. It’s just like a car, you burn more gas driving through town stopping and going than when you’re on the highway.

This really got me thinking and questioning how I am supposed to exercise, because I really enjoy running at times. To add to my exercise confusion. I have a client who I wanted to get a book as a gift. I love John Douillard,  so I looked for some books by him and I found Body, Mind, and Sport. I’m like this is perfect: he loves sports and I love ayurveda. The book shows up and I of course have to check it out before I give it to him.

John Douillard talks about how some athletes get “in the zone.” This is described as a perfect connect between your body and mind and they feel like they are invincible in their sport. It was described by Pele, the great soccer player; Roger Bannister, the man who ran the first mile under 4 minutes; Tim Flannery of the San Diego Padres; and several other sports stars. It’s described as having incredible ability, speed, etc with little or no fatigue, and no pain. Douillard’s book explains how to reach the zone, how to train your body to use its full capacity with little fatigue and no pain. Sounds good to me! Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their work out instead of agonize their way through it. (I’ll fill you in more when I finish the book)

So are you exercising the right way for your body? Is pain really the way to that rock hard bod? I’m not sure, but hopefully you’re thinking. I will tell you this. I will listen to what my body tells me is right. If my body is begging me to stop. I’ll stop. But, if its begging me to run, I’ll run!

What do you think? Is your workout hurting you or helping you?