Hi! I’m Maddi.  Welcome! I’m excited to have you stopping by my blog to check out a slice of my life and my journey through health and happiness.

(And that’s my fiance, Brett)

On June 7th of 2008 I was laying by a pool reading a book that little did I know was about to change my life.  I was at the most unhealthy time of my life. I was the heaviest I’ve ever been, I was unhappy, I didn’t like myself, I hated my body, and…. I had developed an eating disorder on top of it. This was me then.

The book, Skinny Bitch, was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Skinny Bitch is an in your face guide to getting healthy with an emphasis on good nutrition and exposes all the terribles out there in our food world.

I read the book in 4 hours and when I finished the last page. I swore off processed chemical-laden foods, meat, and dairy! You got it, I became vegan.

I lost 14 pounds in a little over a month with almost no exercise. I felt great. I felt satisfied and Thank you God, I was at peace with food.  I no longer felt guilty eating. I no longer purged (both excessive exercise, and throwing-up). I rarely felt deprived either.

While choosing to be vegan was radical and I got ZERO support from my family or friends. They thought I was crazy!  Though I often preached to them the terrors in their food. The results that came made me a true believer in plant based eating and good health!

My passion for this subject led me to the school, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I continued to learn more and more about nutrition and health and wellness and anything else you might associate with your body and mind.  I am now a certified health coach, and I am here to serve you.

One of my biggest take-aways is that health is about making good choices 90% of the time. We’re all human.  So while I believe in eating vegan with all my heart,  I’ve also learned to enjoy my “slip-ups” rather than be upset because indulging once in awhile is good for the soul.  Therefore I cannot call myself vegan, but I am without question a die hard vegetarian.

My mission in life is to change the world! I want everyone to understand what good nutrition means. How changing what we eat will not only help the environment and animal suffering, but will prevent almost all diseases that are plaguing Americans. From headaches to allergies to cancer a plant-based diet can relieve so much suffering.   We can take control of our lives and live without disease. Help me spread the word!

Follow me on my blog for living healthy, living happy, and living hot. I’ll share with you tasty foods, tips for self care, and anything else out in this world that is making me healthier and happier.  And for those of you who haven’t figured it out yet: A healthy girl makes a happy girl and a healthy happy girl makes one hot woman!


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  2. […] Healthy Happy and Hot Because every girl deserves to be Healthy, Happy… and Hot of course. AboutHealth Coaching […]

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