Looking back: 30 Day Challenge and Loving your Body

With every diet there is an equal and opposite binge. 

I’m reminded of this as I was finishing up my 30 Day Challenge. It pains me to tell you…that I ate an egg sandwich, mac and cheese, and pizza all in the same day. The day it was over.

It’s been a long time since I’ve given myself any sorts of restrictions. I was reminded why. Feeling deprived is part of restricting foods. Feeling deprived when eating brings out emotions that leave you needy. Feeling needy will lead to emotional eating and bingeing.  Emotional eating and bingeing will make you feel ashamed or guilty.

None of these emotions should happen when we’re eating. Eating is about nourishing our selves. It’s about feeding and caring for our bodies in a loving way. If you think of your body as your temple or for an easier analogy, a child. If your body is your child that you love, adore, and want to nurture with all your heart… would you deprive it? Would you leave it needy? Emotional? Wanting?

No, you nurture it. You love it. You care for it. You treat it to the things it desires.

When I eat. I know that what I feed my body gives it nourishment. It gives it love.  It gives it energy.  I don’t feed myself crappy nutrientless foods because I want to care for my body. And when I eat a slice of pizza (because pizza always gets me) I treat myself to it.  Again, because I love my body as if it were my child.  It is my temple and that is how I treat it.

The 30 Day Challenge actually got in the way of this wonderful relationship I’ve been having with food and my body.  So looking back I’m not sure I would ever recommend someone try a restrictive, eliminating diet (for lack of better word) for more than 14 days.

As far as going vegan. I am all for it. Plant-based eating is by far the healthiest way of eating.  If you read my about page, I say that I choose not to call myself vegan because life gets in the way.  Going to any kind of party or visiting family or whatever, where I’m from the chances of finding a vegan anything is slim.  I would rather not have to agonize over these inconveniences and just enjoy the company I’m with. I believe that it’s a healthier decision than the deprivation and scrutiny.

As for the salad challenge I was never a salad fan. I’m still not a salad fan. I got very creative. Salad on bread.  Salad in a tortilla.  Chinese sautéed salad (aka stir fry) haha so I may have failed that one but hey I don’t eat food I don’t want to eat.

And smoothies… piece of cake. I’m addicted like people are to coffee. This was not a challenge.

Back to the real issue at hand….

How is your relationship with food and your body? Do you treat it with hate and resentment? Are you constantly restricting it? 

Or do you treat it with unconditional love? Do you care for it? Do you forgive it? Are you kind to it?

If you’re wondering how do you go without restriction? Read This.


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  1. Very well said! I love this post. 🙂

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