The Best Thing I Ate All Week

The best thing I ate all week…

Fresh peaches! Oh my lanta.  The smell of a ripe peach when you put it to your nose. When you bite into it and the juices are gushing down your face. The juicy peach is making you feel like a kindergartener with a piece of watermelon! I literally had peach juice running down my arms, it was  so juicy!

<I felt like this cute little guy 🙂

If you haven’t eaten a fresh peach in the last week, seriously what are you waiting for?!  🙂

So I found myself saying “best thing I ate all week” after I devoured my first peach in a long time.  I thought to myself why does this sound familiar. Bobby Flay’s show The Best Thing I Ever Ate.  From now on every Friday (my intentions) I will share with you the best thing I ate all week!

Now that I have a new love for peaches, I wanted to know more. Here are some fun facts about the peach.

The Chinese have a saying “longevity peach” because they believed peaches prolonged life.  They may be right. Peaches are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Beta-carotene, lytein, and lycopene are 3 types of anti-oxidants found in peaches (and  they give them they’re pretty color).  So not only are they tasty but with these 3 bad boys, peaches can help prevent cancer, heart disease, and muscular degeneration.  To add to the glory of the peach, Pop-Eye may have done it the hard way.  A peach has almost as much iron as spinach!

Peach or spinach? That’s easy! (Not that I don’t love my greens)

The best thing I ate all week was a big ripe juicy peach! Enjoy, but make sure you have a napkin though! 🙂


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