I’m Falling In Love

I had a moment as I was driving down the road. Apparently I come to most of my epiphanies while driving.  But, I did. I had a moment of just pure happiness and love and comfort and contentment.  I’m thing to myself, “I’m falling back in love with me!


I got so excited! Thoughts just came rushing in my head; you’re happy, you’re getting married; you have great friends; you spend time with them; you have tons of fun; you’re doing what you love; you’re organized; you look great. Oh my gosh Maddi, this is the girl you remember and missed!

I know it sounds funny to say I’m falling in love with myself, but it’s true, or perhaps more accurately I’m falling back in love with myself. There is no one else on earth that I would trade my life for theirs.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have plenty of things in my life that are not so peachy. I promise you I do. But the good things are so much better than any of the bad things.  For instance, I’m poorer than I’ve been my entire life right at this moment, but I am at one of the happiest times of my life, if not the happiest.  I’m ok with that.

It breaks my heart to be leaving the company I worked with for the past 4 years, but that’s what I’m in the process of doing, and I don’t think I could say all this if I was still there full time. But I learned so much. I became this confident business woman. I overcame my fear of public speaking. I learned how to build a business from nothing. AND I learned that you, as a person, always need to be looking for ways to grow yourself. Thank you for that.

I think if you’re reading my blog, you’re probably already doing that yourself, but I ran across this in my school journal. I really believe that finding your happiness and falling in love with yourself is about finding your passion and knowing you’re right where you are supposed to be.

TRY THIS: Using all your talent and passion, what is one big contribution you would like to make to the world? Describe it in detail. Who  would be touched by your contribution and how would it affect them? How would it feel to make this contribution?

Me? I want to change the world. I want people to stop falling ill to heart disease and cancer and Alzheimer’s and diabetes and MS and osteoporosis and on and on. I want children not to suffer from diabetes, obesity, ADD, depression, anxiety, or especially cancer.

The studies are out there for plant-based eating. I’m here to spread the word and share the wealth of good health. That’s my intention every time I write, and every morning I wake up.

I’m living my passion, I’m eating my passion, I’m speaking my passion, and now I’m falling in love with me. I’m happy. I’m healthy. And darn it I’m hot too!

What is your passion?

What are you doing about it?

What do you need to fall in love with you?

Do the exercise and find out.


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