My 30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge?! That’s right. I was inspired reading Angela’s post on Oh She Glows about the 30 day salad challenge. I, like her, tend to fall off the salad bandwagon. There’s something I always find more satisfying about a warm cooked meal, BUT it’s summer and it’s salad time!

Green smoothieIn addition to the salad challenge, I’ve added a couple of things. I’m going to do a smoothie (or juice) challenge as well. I pretty much always have one in the morning anyway, but I really want to challenge myself to discover some new smoothies and experiment more. I get stuck with my favorites. Oops 🙂 So, one smoothie/juice a day.  Click the picture for my favorite recipe!

I’ll be sharing the new and good ones with you!

I’ve been a bit of a lazy vegan lately (not that I claim to be a full vegan). That darn cheese pizza just seems to always gets me!  So I’ve added that I will be completely vegan as well. I love eating this way. This is just my promise to myself not cheat or be lazy for 30 days.

On tonight’s menu Veggie Lasagna! It’s so good you’ll never miss the traditional stuff.  I’ll share the recipe with you tomorrow!

All right now for my last little bit. You’re going to love this! I am going to hula hoop. Yes hula hoop! For 20 minutes everyday! Haha! Don’t laugh at my picture! I was inspired by my brother’s girlfriend, who reintroduced me to this childhood pastime. This is a killer core exercise. Not only that, but I kind of suck at it right now and I’m determined to get good at it! But seriously, you can do this in your living room! And you’ll be the coolest,hottest person on your block! 🙂

Care to join me in my 30 Day Challenge!? Do one part or all parts or just your favorite parts!

But I’m going to need some help!

What is your favorite salad recipe?   Favorite smoothie?   Vegan recipe?

Here’s to a healthy, happy, and hot June! Strut your stuff!


2 responses

  1. […] people what I do for my work and sharing about my blog. I explained many times that I was doing a 30 day challenge for my blog and what it entailed.   And I got so many questions about what I was eating etc, […]

  2. […] reminded of this as I was finishing up my 30 Day Challenge. It pains me to tell you…that I ate an egg sandwich, mac and cheese, and pizza all in the […]

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