Jumping for Joy with These Foods

Have you ever tried something that was “healthy” and found yourself gagging on the cardboard like substance with the health claim? Well let me tell you, I HAVE!  More times than I can count have one of my friends said to me, “You have to try this and it’s SO good for you.”  Meanwhile I try the food, give a smile and choke down the bite I took. Kind of like this —>

holding nose while eating

Now let me shed some light on you. If you don’t like it, DON’T eat it. I don’t care how healthy it is. (By the way most of the stuff people have had me try comes in a box or package and really isn’t THAT healthy) Now this is not the “ok” from me to abandon healthy eating. It’s a guideline. You want to find a way to eat/cook the food in a way so that  you truly enjoy it and if you can’t figure out a way to cook the food so you like it, then maybe it isn’t the right healthy food for your body. 

I pride myself in cooking healthy meals for my friends and getting awesome reactions from them. (I will admit most of my friends are carnivorous, junk food, midwest eating human beings so this is quite a feat!)

I will share some of these wonderful foods and recipes with you in a series of blogs. Here’s the first:

#1 GREEN Smoothies. Don’t like spinach? Kale? Collard Greens? You will never even know they’re there with this smoothie. I’ve probably shared this with 20 people and NEVER once have I had someone not want to steal my smoothie from me. Here’s what you do.

Green smoothie

 Take a BIG handful of fresh Spinach or Kale and put it                  in the bottom of your blender. Add a peeled banana and peeled orange. Then add about 1/2 cup of pineapple or mango. Top it off with 1 cup ice. Blend it up. Drink this in the morning and you will never need coffee again!

NOTE: I highly recommend a Vitamix blender for this, or any other GOOD quality blender. If your blender is leaving little leaves in your drink (not what we’re going for) try soaking them in warm water before you blend them.

Keep a watch for my next Jumping for Joy Food!

Do you have any amazingly tasty, and oh so good for you foods or recipes to share?


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