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Jumping for Joy: Asparagus

If as soon as you saw the word asparagus you thought you were done reading this, 

just hold your horses. 

aspargusI have not just been loving asparagus lately. I’ve been loving asparagus since I started cooking when I was 17 AND I was an extremely picky eater, and that gives me hope for you and the rest of the world. If you’re absolutely sure you don’t like asparagus, just give it one more try.  This is the greatest, easiest, tastiest recipe for asparagus I have ever had.

But first, let me tell you all the glorious reasons why you should be eating this food.

  • Asparagus is loaded with Vitamic C. Yes, like oranges. Vitamin C not only strengthens your immune system, but it repairs damaged tissues. What does that mean for you? YOUR SKIN! Getting more than enough Vitamin C will give you that youthful glow any girl (or guy) would envy!
  • It’s high in Vitamin A too, which is also great for your skin. It helps maintain the structure of your skin, so bye bye wrinkles and crow’s feet my friends.
  • A single serving of aspargus (I easily eat 2-3 servings because it’s so yummy) has 60% of the recommend amount of folic acid. That’s the highest of any fruit or veggie out there. So, if you’re pregnant do your baby a favor and eat a ton of aspargus!
  • One stalk of aspargus has a measly 4 calories. You’d have to eat more than 500 hundred of these babies before you can even think about the word fat.

Now for that wonderful recipe I was boasting about… 

But first you need to know how to buy it. Luckily for you (and me), asparagus is on the clean 15 list, so you really don’t NEED to buy organic. Smell the tops of the aspargus. If it smells a little rancid, keep looking. It really shouldn’t have much of a smell at all. You’ll also notice some will be really skinny and some will be thick. I personally like the skinny stalks, BUT it’s said the bigger the diameter the better the quality. See what you like best.

Ok now for real, the recipe.

Like I said before, THIS is the tastiest recipe. I was at a restaurant and got some asparagus. EWW, it was so gross I spit it out. I was like no wonder people don’t like asparagus! You MUST try it this way!

I’m confident it can change your mind 🙂

roasted asparagus1 bunch of asparagus

Extra virgin olive oil (about 2 tablespoons)

Course sea salt

Fresh ground pepper


1. Preheat oven to 400°.

2. Take your asparagus and break or cut the ends off. They’re too tough to eat.

3. Lay them on a baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil. (You want just enough to lightly coat the asparagus)

4. Sprinkle your sea salt and fresh ground pepper over the asparagus.

5. With your hands, toss the asparagus around so they are lightly coated with the olive oil, salt, and pepper.

6. Put them in the oven for 12 minutes. Violá!

(NOTE: If asparagus is really thin, adjust time to 10 minutes. If it’s really thick, adjust to 14 minutes)

Try it! It’s finger-lickin’ good. I mean that literally!

Keep a watch out for my next Jumping for Joy with These Foods

And get your Asparagus On!


Jumping for Joy: Quinoa

Quinoa? What the heck is that?

Am I reading your mind?


Haha I’ve been there. In fact I should probably let you know it’s pronounced KEEN- WAH not QUIN-O-AH as I thought for so long. Quinoa is like God’s gift to vegetarians and vegans or anyone following a plant-based type diet, but it is so YUMMY even my unhealthiest of friends loved it!

Quinoa is a grain, so you could most relate it to rice, but quinoa is grown at a high altitude in the Andes Mountains. The Incas claimed that it was this food that enabled them to run such long distances at a high altitude. Cool right?

What makes this a super grain? 

  • It has all 8 amino acids so it’s a complete protein
  • High in B Vitamins, zinc, iron, potassium, calcium & Vitamin E
  • Its protein content is equal to milk
  • Gluten free
  • Strengthens kindey, heart, and lungs
  • Ideal for endurance
  • Oh, and it’s so yummy!
I was very hesitant to try quinoa. I am naturally cautious and tend to get stuck in my comfortable ways, and like I said before I refuse to eat food JUST because it’s good for me. It has to be delicious too.
Here was the first recipe I tried and immediately loved!
Quinoa patties
I did adopt my own version. Basically I took out the cheese and used only 1 egg. I avoid animal products whenever possible. I’ve also made it with no eggs, but they tend to fall apart way too easily.
I love putting these quinoa patties on some toast with some veganaise, lettuce, and pickles!
This recipe also inspired me to make “meatballs” for my spagetti too.

Last night I used quinoa as our taco “meat.” While it was cooking I added taco seasoning and it was delicious. My fiance was raving.

Add a veggie bouillon while its cooking. Then stir fry it with your favorite veggies for another great dinner.

Take your leftover quinoa and add it to potatos you hashbrowned and add some spinach for an over the top healthy breakfast!

Quinoa has me jumping for joy my friends!! Give it a try! It’s so much easier than rice and way more versatile and so much better for you! Have fun, get cooking, and Jump for Joy with Quinoa!

Then tell me all about it!


Jumping for Joy with These Foods

Have you ever tried something that was “healthy” and found yourself gagging on the cardboard like substance with the health claim? Well let me tell you, I HAVE!  More times than I can count have one of my friends said to me, “You have to try this and it’s SO good for you.”  Meanwhile I try the food, give a smile and choke down the bite I took. Kind of like this —>

holding nose while eating

Now let me shed some light on you. If you don’t like it, DON’T eat it. I don’t care how healthy it is. (By the way most of the stuff people have had me try comes in a box or package and really isn’t THAT healthy) Now this is not the “ok” from me to abandon healthy eating. It’s a guideline. You want to find a way to eat/cook the food in a way so that  you truly enjoy it and if you can’t figure out a way to cook the food so you like it, then maybe it isn’t the right healthy food for your body. 

I pride myself in cooking healthy meals for my friends and getting awesome reactions from them. (I will admit most of my friends are carnivorous, junk food, midwest eating human beings so this is quite a feat!)

I will share some of these wonderful foods and recipes with you in a series of blogs. Here’s the first:

#1 GREEN Smoothies. Don’t like spinach? Kale? Collard Greens? You will never even know they’re there with this smoothie. I’ve probably shared this with 20 people and NEVER once have I had someone not want to steal my smoothie from me. Here’s what you do.

Green smoothie

 Take a BIG handful of fresh Spinach or Kale and put it                  in the bottom of your blender. Add a peeled banana and peeled orange. Then add about 1/2 cup of pineapple or mango. Top it off with 1 cup ice. Blend it up. Drink this in the morning and you will never need coffee again!

NOTE: I highly recommend a Vitamix blender for this, or any other GOOD quality blender. If your blender is leaving little leaves in your drink (not what we’re going for) try soaking them in warm water before you blend them.

Keep a watch for my next Jumping for Joy Food!

Do you have any amazingly tasty, and oh so good for you foods or recipes to share?

Fantastic Skin

Hello Hello. I hope a lot is new and good in your life. I just want to take a quick couple of minutes to share with a couple of things that are new and good with me AND that you will also love.

First thing is first. Just this afternoon, I went ahead and did my second banana facial. Sounds dirty right? Ha, well it’s amazing. (Insert Joke) As Kim Barnouin says, author of Skinny Bitch, “Bananas are the fountain of youth.” They have anti-aging/anti-wrinkle properties.  Wrinkles are caused by free radicals, not purely age. Since bananas are full of antioxidants, especially Vitamin C, they’ll fight off the free radicals and repair damages.

All you have to do is take a chunk of banana, put it in a bowl, and mash it up. I use a fork, but I’m sure if you used a food processor it would be a better consistency. Then put it on your face like any other facial mask and let it set for 20 minutes. In the mean time you might as well eat the banana! (Get your skin from the inside and outside. Take that wrinkles) Now just rinse with warm water. Repeat a couple times a week and you’ll beat those lines off with a metaphorical stick.

Now on to my other favorite. Avacado facials. I’ve shared this with a few friends and have gotten raving reviews! This will make your skin so soft! I’ve been thinking lately, why the heck don’t I put this all over my body. I might just have to try that for next time 😀  The avacoda is chock full of vitamins A, D, E, and K. That right there means that it will get into the deepest layers of your skin, giving it elasticity! If your skin has been dry or peeling. This is definately for you!

Basically all you need to do is the same thing you did with the banana. Mash a little up and spread it on your face. Leave it there for a few and viola! You will not be disappointed.

The best part of these is that they cost only pennies to do!

Summertime is here and it’s time for you to get that beautiful glow!

Try it out and tell me how it went.  Do you have any other homemade beauty tips?

No Pain, No Gain… or Not?

No pain, no gain. Feel the burn. Keep pushing. If its not hurting its not working. We’ve all heard these little sayings. In fact if you have a pinterest, I’m sure they are plaguing your wall.

Recently I found myself saying I am done doing stuff I don’t like or enjoy. I’m done. I spent 3 years dedicated to lifting and doing aerobic exercise machines. Just pushing myself to work harder and work more and… I developed some serious issues that I won’t get into in this post. But as I was getting back into regular exercise, I was like no, I am not doing that stuff. I hate it. It’s not fun. Don’t you agree?

Now don’t misunderstand what I am saying here, I like working out. In fact I might love it at times. But what I think is interesting is how things seem to present themselves at just the right time you need them.

I was listening to a lecture from my school, Integrative Nutrition, from Arthur Agatston. He said 3 things that really got my attention. The first thing he was talking about was how the body has evolved and how it was made to do WORK. (Sure, make sense) But now people are spending time doing exercises, like lifting weights, that isolate muscle groups. The people who are fit and doing these types of exercises are having even more strains, tears, and injuries versus people who are fit but do physical labor for work or just spend most of their time standing and moving around. (#2 Interesting) He goes on to talk about how the body is not meant to run long distances (running isn’t good, what?), it’s really meant to do short burst or sprints. It’s just like a car, you burn more gas driving through town stopping and going than when you’re on the highway.

This really got me thinking and questioning how I am supposed to exercise, because I really enjoy running at times. To add to my exercise confusion. I have a client who I wanted to get a book as a gift. I love John Douillard,  so I looked for some books by him and I found Body, Mind, and Sport. I’m like this is perfect: he loves sports and I love ayurveda. The book shows up and I of course have to check it out before I give it to him.

John Douillard talks about how some athletes get “in the zone.” This is described as a perfect connect between your body and mind and they feel like they are invincible in their sport. It was described by Pele, the great soccer player; Roger Bannister, the man who ran the first mile under 4 minutes; Tim Flannery of the San Diego Padres; and several other sports stars. It’s described as having incredible ability, speed, etc with little or no fatigue, and no pain. Douillard’s book explains how to reach the zone, how to train your body to use its full capacity with little fatigue and no pain. Sounds good to me! Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their work out instead of agonize their way through it. (I’ll fill you in more when I finish the book)

So are you exercising the right way for your body? Is pain really the way to that rock hard bod? I’m not sure, but hopefully you’re thinking. I will tell you this. I will listen to what my body tells me is right. If my body is begging me to stop. I’ll stop. But, if its begging me to run, I’ll run!

What do you think? Is your workout hurting you or helping you?