Be Beautiful

Be Beautiful

Posted on March 26, 2012

So the other day, I found myself driving in my car grinning ear to ear. As I’m basking in my own joy, I’m asking myself why are you so happy right now? I had no good reason. I had a terrible sales day, followed by a terrible appointment, I spent more money than I made, yet I was in utter bliss!  The only answer I can give you is I FELT great!

I have spent the last week really giving myself the attention I deserve- Self Care. I spent the last 3 years, waking up at the last minute, throwing on clothes, wearing my hair as is or throwing it in a pony-tail. My thoughts were “I don’t need to impress anyone” “I don’t needto do that”
Yea, I don’t need to spend an hour getting ready in the morning. I don’t need to get dressed up. I don’t need to wear makeup. But what I realized is I FEEL so much better when I do. Looking in the mirror and saying to yourself “I look good!” is powerful. It will do things to your confidence. It will do things to your body. When you love yourself, you take care of yourself.
Suddenly eating that salad instead of the pizza is a reward versus a sacrifice. You are making a choice to treat your body, mind,  and soul with love.  You start saying things like I’m going to go workout!   Or an apple sounds really good right now.  Or if you’re me, I think I’m going to do an avocado facial, drink a green smoothie, and do a hot sesame oil rub. (haha)
So ladies, get out that cute dress, shave your legs, put on some cute heels, curl your hair, whip out the eyeliner and mascara and enjoy being beautiful!

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