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Get out of that FUNK!

Get out of that FUNK!

So I’ve been having a hard time getting inspired to write. The reason is I’ve been in a little bit of a funk. Ya know when nothing is really getting you going. You go to work because you HAVE to, but then you spend the rest of your time not really wanting to do much other than snuggle in your bed and watch movies. Yea that was me for a little while. And to make matters worse I was beating myself up about how I was soo happy just a few weeks ago and now I’m just being a lazy wimp.

Well, let me tell you I am no longer in a funk. I’ll break this down for you in 2 steps.

Number one. Realize we get in funks for a REASON. Yes, a reason, a purpose, whatever you’d like to call it. A couple years ago, I was fortunate enough to get a meeting with Matthew Kelley,one of my favorite motivational writers/speakers.  It was a small group and someone asked him, “What do you do when you’re in a funk? Or how do you keep yourself from getting in a funk?”  Matthew’s response was more elaborate and articulate than I can even begin to speak, so to put it simply, he said that we all get them. Realize this. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people don’t just recognize what’s happening to them, but then identify why it is happening to them.

Number two. Figure out why it is happening. I did this by deconstructing what had been going on/what I had been doing in the last week. I opened up my schedule to find it basically blank! Ha, so I was living off a whim rather than off a plan. If you are not a schedule person, you may not get this right away, so let me explain.  Me not being on schedule means quite simply I didn’t do a lot of the things that make me all happy and giddy.

I didn’t go grocery shopping= no food at home=I didn’t cook= bad eating!

I didn’t go to the gym or workout= feeling lazy!

I didn’t work much= financially stressed!

I didn’t make or look at my budget= more financially stressed!

So as I figure this out, I get honest with myself; It went something like, Maddi get your shit together!

What am I trying to tell you? Get  your shit together! Haha, really though, take 20 minutes and plan what you want to eat this week, make a grocery list, find a time to go to the grocery store. Look at your money, set a budget (not for just groceries, Everything, even drinks with the girls;) ) Set your workout times AND days off. Anything else, stressing you out? Then just make a plan! I promise 20 minutes and you will feel like you’ve got your whole life figured out!

What are you waiting for!? Get out of that funk!

Happy Spring!

PS: I’ll be moving my blog over to where I can share more pictures etc!


Be Beautiful

Be Beautiful

Posted on March 26, 2012

So the other day, I found myself driving in my car grinning ear to ear. As I’m basking in my own joy, I’m asking myself why are you so happy right now? I had no good reason. I had a terrible sales day, followed by a terrible appointment, I spent more money than I made, yet I was in utter bliss!  The only answer I can give you is I FELT great!

I have spent the last week really giving myself the attention I deserve- Self Care. I spent the last 3 years, waking up at the last minute, throwing on clothes, wearing my hair as is or throwing it in a pony-tail. My thoughts were “I don’t need to impress anyone” “I don’t needto do that”
Yea, I don’t need to spend an hour getting ready in the morning. I don’t need to get dressed up. I don’t need to wear makeup. But what I realized is I FEEL so much better when I do. Looking in the mirror and saying to yourself “I look good!” is powerful. It will do things to your confidence. It will do things to your body. When you love yourself, you take care of yourself.
Suddenly eating that salad instead of the pizza is a reward versus a sacrifice. You are making a choice to treat your body, mind,  and soul with love.  You start saying things like I’m going to go workout!   Or an apple sounds really good right now.  Or if you’re me, I think I’m going to do an avocado facial, drink a green smoothie, and do a hot sesame oil rub. (haha)
So ladies, get out that cute dress, shave your legs, put on some cute heels, curl your hair, whip out the eyeliner and mascara and enjoy being beautiful!

A Journey in Health & Happiness (Intro)

A Journey in Health & Happiness (Intro)

Posted on February 22, 2012

Health is a journey. It is not a destination. I will, You will, We will never be completely satisfied by where our health, wellness, or body  is. But yet, we can. We can learn to love ourselves and do things for ourselves that will bring ultimate satisfaction.  But to reach that ultimate satisfaction you must also realize that you will always be on a health journey. You will always be looking, and trying new things for health. You will always be tending to your eating habits. You will always be looking for new ways to stay fit. But it is that journey, that if we learn to love, we will then love ourselves and be utterly satisfied.

So here I will share with you my journey in health 🙂